Reflections on UM-Forward

Lee Schriber shares his reflections on the recent UM-Forward Summit. "Radical solidarity is more than tolerance, more than acceptance, more than friendship, and even more than ally-ship. Radical solidarity means standing close enough to the oppressed that you risk being hit by the stones that are being hurled at us."

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Lee Schriber

"Here's the point: We have to be visible."  Click below to read more of Rev. Deborah Lewis' call to each of us: "The new thing is on its way and we are the midwives.  So roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Be heard and be seen.  Be unmistakably visible and unapologetically inclusive."

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Rev. Deborah Lewis
I have a dream for Africa

We asked Nancy Robinson to share her reflections on the UMC in Africa as we prepare for General Conference 2020. "The voices of those who disagree are silent, a possible majority who have learned not to challenge the authority of the leader.  What is needed are leaders in the Central Conferences who have the ability to cross cultures and lead with conscience."

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Rev. Nancy Robinson